Friday , March 31 2023

Oil prices are immersed in the world: what will happen in Argentina?


Today, oil prices have fallen sharply in the major international reference markets.

The Gross West Texas Intermediate (WTI), which is listed in the future market for New York (Nymex), is 6.10% and the contract delivered in January is US $ 51.30.

Meanwhile, North Brent Oil, which is listed in the London electronic market (ICE), has lost 4.42% and contracts released in January reached US $ 59.83, according to January. sector data

On the other hand, the Petroleum Exporting Countries Organization (OPEC) today announced that the current oil price at US $ 62.08 was US $ 62.33 a day.

State government pressure

Executive Branch began trading with oil companies. The objective is a 10% drop in fuel price, at least a "premium" in December.

This year, higher octane gasoline is higher than 65%.

"In December, there is a carbon tax update, but we believe that the oil companies have imported their shares (imports are equal to the price of parity, because local production is measured) and now they have to reduce the amounts by 10%, at least premiums (NAFTA), according to Casa Rosada Clarín.

According to the Executive Director, at the beginning of October, US $ 85 reached the international oil price growth. But nowadays, the situation has changed and, in the case of Brent, the US dollar toll is reduced to 60 dollars in the United States.

In the capital of Cordoba, YPF sells super-gas oil for $ 41.66 and 48.67 prima-naphtha.

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