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On a school trip, a 9-year-old girl fell on the fourth floor of a hotel – 28/11/2014


A 9-year-old student fell from the fourth floor Santa Fe hotel and the fractures of the legs and pelvis were placed under surveillance, while the researchers suddenly slept.

Originally in the Reconquista city, the youngest fell last Thursday, 2 o'clock, from the hotel room window, at the intersection of 25 de Mayo and Cortada Falucho, where He stayed with classmates at school I shared a trip to you.

At that time, a witness was a witness who was passing by 18-meter high fall and the authorities have warned.

The girl went to the Orlando Children's Hospital in Alassia, where she was hospitalized but compensated in severe situations. "gifts Fracture superficial tibia and left leg, pelvis and sacra. He also had a simultaneous pneumothorax. We expect that other types of injuries should appear, "explains Osvaldo González Carrillo, director of the medical center.

It might be a hypothesis that the researchers have managed A passage from Pasaia. In this sense, Carrilló explained "within the possibilities" because "sleepwalkers can be the kind of movement".

Depending on the portal ONE Santa Fe, a small girl was a contingent of students from the Reconquista schools. On Wednesday, he came to the city to take guided tours, to spend the night in the city and travel to Rosario after the event.

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