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On Mauricio Macri's holiday, Marcos Peña concentrates the power – 2013/12/27


The Cabinet General speaks casually and information vacancies about why the focus is on the coordinator's minister. In one way or another, Marcos Peña In the last few hours she returned to show Pink House's incredible trace.

Corollary on Thursday, the minister was a lunch at the Peñas headquarters. Almost everybody tried to minimize it. In fact, when they came to light, the cabinet manager breakfasted on Wednesdays and had lunch with the rest of the staff on Fridays. On December 28, she will go to Peña Rosada, but several contributors will reduce one day. There is only one meeting in cabinet leadership with the international communications manager and the G20 Pilar Conci, his extreme trust.

Believed or burst, Peña (meat, noodles, salad and fruit) was a balanced closing of the last semester, the worst in the economy, management Mauricio Macri. There was no mention not public or private with the increase of public services batteryDespite the Minister of Transport Guillermo Dietrich He was one of the first to stop participating in the press conference.

The Government has successfully organized G20punish him budget 2019, together with December social peace and exchange stability after dollar They believe they have successfully overcome all of these challenges. "There was no bread, just coffee", one of which was full of light melancholy.

Some ministers reported their management experience in the midst of the crisis and 2019 plans. Dietrich (Transportation), for example, refers to the offer of the flight low cost and Dante Sica (Production) made a diagnosis of the situation.

Minister of Finance Nicolás Dujovne They could have a dozen anecdotes to choose from, but he was absent, just like Justice Germán Garavano and vice president Gabriela Michetti.

Ministers are now preparing work plans Its next Portfolios must be handed over to the coordinating minister in the following days.

The lunch of the workers appears alongside other details that were the main character of the Peña of recent years. office recruitment Internal and Cabinet headquarters.

Peña premiered the virtual head of the national campaign, doubling the command in 2015 and completely in 2017. A test scavenger of this role, who is responsible for highlighting some of its closest ones, will hold a meeting next days Elisa Carrió and he advanced Clarín.

But next to the rock, he accused him of returning to the mandate of return, and in the interview with Mitre, the exchange rate declined. "We're not going bankrupt," he said. In the next 72 hours, Macri restructured the Government, The Cabinet diminished and Peña left the Government's main spokesman.

Since then, he had only a few public statements, and the other ministers responded to all the governing areas. "This year it was very hard for him and he always tries to position himself The President's alter ego"He reflected a senior officer who had not participated in the meal.

In the cabinet, there is very little discussion about leadership. "Marcos will never lose power within the government or the centimeters of the newspapers, he does not build with it, Macri has been performing for the past 10 years, Marcospeñismo has never done it," said one of the agape guests.

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