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Oral Cancer: 3,000 new cases are detected in the country every year and the use of tobacco is preventively


In Argentina, oral cancer has been detected in 3,000 cases a year and the origin is related to risk factors, such as smoking and alcohol consumption and human papilloma.

In the National Day of the Fight Against Oral Cancer, the Health Secretary of the Government offers a free dentistry and extends and carries out activities. Promote prevention strategies Oral Cancer This Wednesday, from 9 to 16 years old, in the Obelisk, due to the national fight against this disease.

The activity to prevent oral cancer, which generates more than 3,000 cases per year in the country, is organized by the National Healthcare Repository Office of the National Health Ministry, which is the Directorate General of Dental Hospitals. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

In the field of the day, the UBA Dental Faculty unit was installed in the mobile unit to carry out the oral pathologies, in particular to diagnose oral pre-dysfunction and oral cancer. Also, the healthcare provider will distribute material information to avoid oral cancer, brochures with dental hygiene recommendations, brushes and toothpaste.

In addition to the obelisk activity, other actions of awareness and prevention of this illness will be carried out in the provinces of Rio Negro, Salta, Corrientes, Santa Fe, Mendoza, La Pampa, Buenos Aires, Neuquén and San Juan.

Oral cancer is about 4% of all cancers, that is, one hundred people with cancer, the four levels will be placed in oral areas. In all its phases, this type of pathology has a 50% death rate and death in Argentina every 12 hours.

On the other hand, the prevalence of this disease is greater in men over 50 years. Statistically, a woman in three men is damaged.

The origin of cancer cancer is related to habit and lifestyle habits, tobacco and alcohol consumption, with 80% of cases. Human papillomavirus is also a risk factor. Other aspects include oral sepsis; Drink and eat very hot foods; Or chronic trauma of oral mucosa, like the edges of the edges of the teeth, by the cavities, the bad prostas or the legs of the wounds.

Like some types of cancers, to use effective prevention, changing behaviors is important:

• Note that tobacco is a cause for cancer prevention.

• Avoid excess alcohol consumption.

• Avoid excessive sun exposure (in case of oral cancer it is important to look after the lower lip) and put an effective sunscreen effect.

• Excess consumption of red meat is very important throughout the digestive system and in other types of cancers.

On the other hand, the chronic consumption of water with arsenic content is an oral cancer. In Argentina, there are many endemic hydrocarbon chronicles with the highest cancer rates.

Likewise, immunodeficiencies and immunodepressions (AIDS and congenital diseases) predict certain types of cancers.

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