Monday , May 10 2021

(OT) Netflix can block shared passwords through artificial intelligence: the MeriStation console

Synamedia, the UK's largest video-based solution provider, has introduced CES in the Artificial Intelligence software, such as the exchange of passwords to play on Netflix services.

Intelligence Machine is based on studies, which "analyzes account activity and detects unusual patterns, such as details of accounts used at two locations simultaneously". Companies believe that they have lost millions to exchange credentials.

Initially, users who share the account, like family or friends, will not have problems, as long as the number of users is met, so it would be a problem for more than one person to share in a particular account (it is logical that each person has their own account and only available to users).

"The idea is to detect client accounts that share their credentials in an illegal way and detect the optimum password sharing method that allows them to provide a premium account sharing service. Sharing credentials is very costly," says Jean Marc Racine, Synamedia. product director.

"Many informal users will pay outright an additional fee with the Premium shared account service, with more complex users. It's a great way to keep honest people honest while businesses are making profit-in increments."

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