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Over-utilization of the devices harms your friendship with your parents

Hermosillo.- Abuse Using tablets or mobile devices next to infant education It avoids the strengthening of love links between parents and children.

Felix Higuera Romero, Health Minister's Mental Health Director, has explained the need for a baby, baby or preschooler to develop a relationship with his parents at all times.

When the child is connected to the device, it develops with a device that does not have a parent bond and the strengthening of the connection between parents and children is essential in important developmental moments, "he said.

Specialized in psychiatrist for minors and adolescents There is no link between parenting and children in the first years of life, insecurities, opposition and protest behavior.

He also said that there may be disorganized links where this creature reveals indifference response to the expected prisoners of parents child development

Higuera Romero said that minors' tablets or mobile device attachments also cause communication and language abilities.

He also abounded coordination Raw and fine motor, among the skills that must be adjusted according to age.

Through the use of mobile devices, minors can withstand light incentives with the sound they attract; "Parents can be very interesting to know that our son has the ability to learn and move around," he said.

He explained that having learned and learned from the child's tablets is positive, but it is a world of learning around the world, especially in the case of a tablet or mobile phone.

Tablets and mobile phones are soothing, soothing pimples, they keep those who keep their mothers entertained, "said the expert.

Adult is a medium used to entertain children and fulfill their functions, So here is the problem for adults and not the minors, he said.

The kids say that they learn a lot with their cell phone or tablet, but when the child learns to live an emotional experience quickly, he will learn to live experiences directly.

Thus, he said, it does not develop sufficient tolerance, patience and emotional control.

Many parents believe that children use colors through mobile devices, but without a reasoning of memorization, or logic and a sense of communication, he said.

He laid it down Because Pilates or mobile devices do not exceed the use of minors, everything that you learn in everyday life is mechanically done and other skills are not simultaneous and balanced.

However, he added, the minors would not be deprived of this type of artifact. For many of the learning needs to be included, but most important are those that do not pass beyond the device.

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