Thursday , October 6 2022

Pablo Echarri talks about Nancy Dupla and her definition as "cristinista"


Nancy Dupla His controversy with the latest public statements was created. In which he clearly stated that he was a Christian and a Kirchner, criticized by the government by Mauricio Macrik, when I feel a certain cynicism in his speech, I do not like how he says it. He keeps blatantly lying, you know what his plans are … ", he punished Luis Bremer in a radio interview.

Despite the political attitude of politics "The love of 100 beloved days". Recently, he has participated in various scandals to eradicate current government, ensuring that they are treated as "horrific", "lying" and "looking for real economic and political advantages" only to be a group of entrepreneurs. This time, I did not hesitate to confirm Radio Conexin Abierta.

On the contrary, Dupla assured him that he was blind to his trust Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner, In fact, it is the only person that can slowly bring us back, including people, to pocket money in peace again and these rights were once again very important and essential for all of this cultural change. "And he continued:" I want to return to Argentina, people were inside the system or, at least, the majority, there is still much more to be done. "

Now, Pablo Echarri He mentioned the political attitude of his wife and expressed his message through the official Twitter account in the final interview, and he also thinks. "That's my wife!" He wrote actor In the microblogging network, he acknowledges Kirchnerism's adherence and acknowledges its clear political convention to return to its previous government.

Also, at the celebration of the Association of the Sociedad de Empresas Sociedades de Argentina (SAGAI) gallon I think: I do not know if Cristina is a candidate, but there is still a lot of water beneath the bridge, and I think everything will happen. In this sense, he said that "numbers that allow a space of strength allow an opportunity to end 2019," he said.


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