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Pablo Layus left the "Intruders" and explained the reasons: Aire de Santa Fe

Pablo Layus did not play the season for Carlos Paz during the rest of the season. Your liberation

Pablo Layus.

Pablo layus In a discipline of Intruders he explained in a statement: "A new stage in my life opens and I'm glad for that …".

The reporter did not make the summer season of Carlos Rial for the Jorge Rial program, as happened last year, but his departure did not do that.

As he said, Pamela will join the group in the afternoon: "They will be different days, but for 18 years I have had the same professionalism, the best program in the country."

Then, the full statement of Pablo Layus

On Monday at midday I went to Intruders and I was welcomed by the Pamela program in the afternoon.
A new stage opens up in my life and I'm glad that's why. A pleasure has come from the afternoon program of the channel" to keep your account going. But I admit that Tristura is the Intruders, to leave my house.

They will be different days. But for 18 years, I've had the same professionalism in the country at the best show.

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There was nothing strange, and Carlos Paz did not have any summer coverage. The changes are high, the full use of channel resources and American employees. And the authorities understood that they had to do a new role.

And that's why I'm ready. And it's a great joy to continue working as a journalist. And on the 6th look forward to another way.

Thanks to all the intruders, I've learned many colleagues, cameras, publishers, reporters, panelists and Jorge Rial's for free, and many of them. They have collaborated to let everyone grow up day by day, and then I will say it will be later, because I will always be an intruder and I'm happy. "

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