Wednesday , July 6 2022

Pablo Pablo's health status: six-day recovery and about 40% looks


The captain "Xeneize" helped the stadium, took part in Otamendi Sanatorium and finally He was re-evaluated at the concentration Puerto Madero. Alejandro Weremzuck, an ophthalmologist who participated in the clinic, announced that the player had chemotoxicity, corneal wear and comatological comfort, due to serious, but annoying injuries.

Boca has decided to help a player to confirm a medical sanatorium by a notary, before conmebol staffs refuse to check injury. The organization of the South American organization announced on Friday Saturday at 7:15 p.m. on Saturday, the agency published a document that the doctors could not check Boca player injuries.

Reported by club The terrifying eye of the footballer is tears all the time, it has to be closed and the treatment begins At least I would ask six days to completely restore your vision. From the medical institute, Pablo Pérez sees only 40 per cent of his affected eyes.

That's why, He was 17 years old and could not play, When Conmebol talked about it. Until now, there is no official part of the club.

When the attack against the Boca micro arrived at the Monument

In this way, the projects thrown out of the inside were "raining"

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