Thursday , August 11 2022

Pablo Pérez: "I can not play in a field where I can get to die"


Pablo Pérez was one of the players most affected after the incidents on Saturday, when Boca arrived at the Monumental to play the Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores. The midfielder, in fact, could not even see well, so Monday he was going to do medical studies in his left eye. Upon leaving the sanatorium, Perez did not keep anything.

"I am very sorry. I feel helpless. The Saturday episode was regrettable. After crossing the bridge (before reaching the Monumental), there suddenly appeared 200 people to throw stones. It was three minutes that nobody wanted them", Boca football player began.

"They were constantly bursting with glasses. We were thrown stones even when we were at the door. I am not a liar. Also before entering, the glasses continued to explode," he continued. And he added: "Then, when I leave the stadium in ambulance, we were still throwing stones. It was not a minor thing. I'm sad, also for the people of River. There are many of them who had nothing to do and that they are now smoking all this. It can not happen anymore. If the eye pulls me out, I do not pay it for anyone. "

"If people were crazy before entering, imagine if we won and we turned around on their court. They killed me. I have family When I got home, my older daughter was crying. I can not play on a field where I know I can get to die"He said." It's a shame, I was in the hospital and the game was about to play the same, "he said.

In addition, Perez criticized the South American Confederation of Soccer. "I do not know the Conmebol doctor because he never came to see me, it is a shame that he said that I was in a position. He signed a paper without seeing me. He never shared solidarity with us. You must have some order that I do not have to come see"said Pérez.

Finally, about a possible sanction to River said that "it's not my problem, I do not get into those things." And he recognized that two River players contacted him: "They wrote to me Nacho Scocco and Milton Casco."

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