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Pablo Satriano died, Road Tourism image – 03/12/2008


On Sunday, December 2, Chivilcoy died at birth Pablo SatrianoOne of the most respected coaches of the engine. He was 76 years old.

His career began as a pilot, but his popularity was a leap forward as a car preparer, especially along with him his brother, Emilio SatrianoHe formed an inseparable pair with her. Two Citroën 2CV participated in the National Tourism and Road Tourism.

In fact, CT was when Satriano brothers gained popularity, when they left the 1990 title. In addition to this victory, they obtained third places in 1982-83-85 and 1987.

Pablo Satriano is talking about Chevrolet, through which he identified himself throughout his life.

Emilio Satriano Pablo, his brother, prepared on the car.

Emilio Satriano Pablo, his brother, prepared on the car.

It was one of the biggest hurt of the news Marcos Di Palma, for whom Satriano himself prepared their cars for various routes.

In your Instagram account, Di Palma shared a photo with Pablo Satriano and wrote: "Certainly many people do not know who is my right MAN, THE NAME IS PAUL SATRIANO, but I will tell I prepared TC for him In 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 ".

After listing other experiences, Marquitos said: "But the most important thing to me was that when my next day my OLD MAN died, who taught me a lot about motorcycles, but above all the same YOU HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL BEFORE A YEARS OLD! !!!!!!!! Q.E.P.D. MR. PABLO SATRIANOAnd finally, I beg your pardon to my old town, if you see it in the sky. Thank you for me and my traces, PAUL!

On the other hand, ACTC (Road Tursimo Brokers Association) made a statement: "The ACTC Board of Directors and the Road Tourism world, for many years, send their condolences and their deepest pairamen. Among the family and friends of Pablo, an important part ".

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