Tuesday , January 25 2022

Palito de Ángel de Brito, Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas, after confirming the distribution: "What purpose …"


The journalist questioned the actor's word, ensuring that his networks were violated, after publishing a solid message.

The palito by Ángel de Brito to Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas
The palito by Ángel de Brito to Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas

On December 26, Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro The news came after the news showed strong messages Instagram stories The actress, who apparently was a victim of gender violence and was told of the death of an actor, where part of a strange chat was published, Castro said.

However, a few hours after it happened and spent the same way, Sabrina said she was breaking her nets: "It's worrying people, my phone breaks down, I'm not awake at this time, but Luciano and I have hacked accounts."

"What good is Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas hackers," wrote Angel, arguing for the actors' queries.

On Monday, the couple confirmed the distinction, in love and two children, I hope and harbourhood. "We are distributed fortunately!" Rojas said Jorge Rial, without deviation.

With the break, Ángel de Brito He had not long ago believed that an actor did not believe in the hack a week ago. And he did it with a chilly tweet: "How good was the hacker @castrolucianoOk and @rojassabriok", wrote the driver, who made his tweet on a trip, with followers on Instagram. "Sabrina Rojas hacker thinks?" They asked him. And he answered quickly: "No".

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