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Pampita and Pico Monaco, together again: why

The media's most angry and angry media He fell in love again. Smiles and white teeth Carolina pampita ARDOHAIN and John top Monaco All journals must meet again. The media offer homeland.

because it is Pampita and Pico have not distributed too much to the media And in a summer bush we will talk at least something.

Because of Pampita We do not like Polito Pieres. And Pico was not known to anyone as a famous girlfriend.

Picok is now worried about all the journalists he will continue to complain to continue and continue to win half-love.

Because it is Pampita He always has a lot of work, but this time a machine will be billed in front of the Pico. Good for them

Because it's a couple TV schedule and hours in those times. And together it offers many opportunities, that is, separation, coexistence, children, marriage, struggle, look, separation again and so on.

In fact, with the activist Pampita, Nicole, her alter ego, Punta del Este will start moving. Right now, the first one Fabián Cubero He was very quiet.

Pampita and Pico together summer couples could be great If they propose themselves, but also a great summer separation or a great summer's wedding. Possible locking fits all possible.

Despite bad jokes, couples It seems that you love it and give it a new opportunity, and that is worth it. From this column we offer reconciliation and we give blessings.

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