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Pampita Ardohain kissed Rodrigo Lussichekin when he presented his new novel – 11/29/2014

That could be said Carolina pampita ARDOHAIN (40) is currently the most valued local license and, of course, the candidates are not lacking.

However, in recent days he circulated his love rumor model patternThis has not long refused to go to social networks affair It questions the matter.

It all started with a "bomb" Rodrigo Lussich (45). "Pampita and the love night she does not admit or admit Because they are hiding and maid are … Sexuality must be matched … I do not know if something was kept, it was repeated again or something else, "journalists and drivers face to face (Nine, 15).

And finally, it was revealed: "Intimate meeting after (John) top Monaco, boyfriend; after (Paul) Polito Pieres, From Amigovio, Pampita and actress rising passion night, Gallant, the next protagonist Sugar instead (Nicolás) Cabré, Vico D & # 39; Alessandro".

Victorio D 'Alessandro. (Movilpress)

Victorio D 'Alessandro. (Movilpress)

With regard to the spread of rumors about him, Lussiche recalled the voice of the actor's neglected voice and also cast a stick on Net TV's figure. "Ex da Sol Pérez… temporary meeting touch and go We have already said that Pampita is a veteran, 40, and 34 … "he added.

And closed: "His friends They say that in Argentina she got the most wanted bed in the countryToday is loneliness. "

That said, the driver Intimate Pampa (Net TV) took a shot at Lussich to clarify a lot about the rumor. "Total lie! Let "Sugar" do something else and do not hang it! Pena journalists prove nothing. I do not know!", make sure the model.

Pampita's Tweets D & # 39; Alessandro replied.

Pampita's Tweets D & # 39; Alessandro replied.

But the journalist arrived at the junction:Your denial is afraid … Your breakdown (Benjamín) Vicuña (Benjamín) has broken you with, 10 years after the magazine's explanations and a month later you're screaming in a motorhome … and distribute it! Pity is lying down! kisses"He charged him.

And he closed it: Sugar This is Mmmmm … Why the conclusion? Mmmm … and also, Your Pico is not a friend of Vico? Have you never met? However. All strange ".

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