Monday , September 26 2022

Pampita Pico Monaco's definitive definition: "he was a former boy in the world"


The models talked about the meeting of the extenist house, they used the same way of reconciliation and collar.

Pampita Pico Monaco talked about her relationship with her children:

Separate, but not remotely, pampita and Monaco peak They maintain a strong bond after their separation, at the end of June. After fleeing to the media, he talked about the camera and the meeting of the extension house, the possibility of reconciliation and the necklace of the same necklace for the amazing chance.

"Yes, it's true, we met and talked a bit, nothing, every one, we talked about his life, how we are doing. Well, we separated, there were no third parties in the discussions, we also saw friends after separating them. To clarify anything between us, to distinguish between husband and wife, speak again, understand a lot of love and sudden reality ", the model began, Los Angeles of the Morning.

Afterwards, Pampita explained to Pico his relationship with his children, baptist, Beltran and Benicio, and the strong definition was launched. "We keep watching for children as they continue to be life-threatening day and day after day. She loves my children and my children love her. She then went for a walk, went to school, went to school, ex- It was the best boy in that regard. When you're thinking about kids, about how childhood is innocent, how to separate it, "he explained.

Also, if asked if the finished relationship, the model gave a somewhat fuzzy answer. "When we parted, we were very clear that the relationship was over. If not, we would not be able to take that decision. Then, the rounds of life, I have no idea. I also said miracles about it," he replied.

In the end, Pampita also mentions wonderful photos published on his Instagram accounts, wearing a chain with the same pendant. "Today I do not put it because I've left it too fast. I always use it, it sometimes uses it, but it's a private one with a different meaning. I can not comment," she said mysteriously.

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