Saturday , January 16 2021

Parelitis's parody of Nordelta | Veronica Ll …

Actress Veronica Llinás arrived 50 seconds ago when traveling to combine home-based business owners and home-based repairers in Nordea. In a video posted on Twitter, Llinás shares the resignation of those who live in this neighborhood to share with their domestic staff.

Without dialogue, and with gestures, all the actresses say. Elegant dressed, she sits down when the woman is next to her. He detects himself and starts gesturing if he does not conceal his discomfort. It also spreads perfume while the nerve signals are becoming more and more prominent.

Nordea's home-based complainant was confused. The private district abandoned the public, and the mayor of Tigre, Julio Zamora, presented the orderly project to join the Nordelta bus line.

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