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Parkinson's experimental medication is a hope of stimulating neurons


In this test, the administration of a protein therapy directly into the brain's brain. The researchers said that brain scans have a "very promising" effect on the harmful neurons of those who received treatment.

"The spatial and relative magnitude improvement in brain search goes beyond what was seen in the trials," said Alan Whone, a Parkinson's disease at the University of Bristol. trial

The researchers found that the therapy justified more research, although they did not improve on the symptoms received by patients compared to those with placebo.

Parkinson's neurodegenerative disease is from 1 to 2% of people over 65, with shaking, muscle stiffness, and movement and balance problems. Although some medications may improve symptoms, there is no treatment or cure for the progress of the disease.

In this trial, 41 patients underwent surgery to have the tubes placed in the brain. This allowed the authorized doctor to present an experimental treatment, which is directly linked to a glial cell line (GDNF), or neurotrophic factor, or brain damage.

GDNF Produces MedGenesis Therapeutix, a Canadian biotechnology company.

Half of the patients received GDNF monthly injections, while half the others received placar every month. After nine months, all participants offered GDNF infusions for another nine months.

The results of the brain's manual results suggest that ill-brain cells must be switched on. After nine months, they did not change the patient's schedule for the treatment of placebo, but those included in the GDNF had significant changes in the brain's brain-centered area.

That said the GDNF can re-activate and recover the brain cells that gradually destroy Parkinson's.

There were signs to improve results, he said, but there was no significant difference between treatment and squabble groups. He said, to a certain extent, that this trial was a placebo.

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