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"Patrn" Bermdez destroyed Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez They have been reported in the past few hours due to unfortunate statements by TyC Sports in "No Todo Pasa". It's that scam Boca Juniors It was very critical when it was mentioned Guillermo Barros SchelottoFormer coach Xeneize. Due to its political testimony, many people rooted in the Ribera club were attacked by Apache. It was one of them Jorge BermdezOne of the references in the history of gold and gold letters.

A few hours ago, Tevez directed a few words in the face of Mellizus: "I know how he would go in. Guillermo was not talking to me when Mauro Zrate came, but if you see a player, it's a scam for the club and someone wants to replace him in the first game, In Tevez's Mands-to-Bank Bank, do not give you a signal you want … If I continue in Guillermo Boca, I'm sure … If I were not in Boca, I'm sure these situations were not banked. To avoid knocking, I eat a lot of things I do not eat at another club. "

As a result of these declarations, Patrn spoke in ESPN and was a steppe with Apache. "It was not something that was not saved, but I do not think he's going to have to do it right now, but he did not ask questions from inside Boca, Tevez nowadays is not in football," said the Colombian.

Afterwards, Bermuda revealed that this situation is dominated by Tevez. "All this takes your power in your near future, it's like an idol, and it's up to the right people who will take you." Tevez thinks that clubs, team members, topicality and soccer are not a bit productive and they do not compete, if Alfaro is looking for a Wanchopa leg, it's more than Carlitos, "said former players.

Likewise, Jorge believes that the anger of the club must be great, since the testimonies of Apache did not add to Gustavo Alfaro's new command: "Burdisso should be very close and probably Carlos spoke to Alfaro, who is in charge of the situation, Professor Alfaro is very intelligent and nothing happens, the decision is made consistent with the performance of the players, that is, the player warns and thinks "I do not care" the campus thinks ".

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