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Paulo Díaz, from one river to another River Plate


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Franco Formoso

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The first strengthening of the river is approaching. After a few days after the negotiations Enzo Francescoli made a public interestOnly missing data missing from the Paul Díaz river t-shirt. If there are no problems, the 24-year-old from Chile will arrive at Al Ahli, a team that plays in the Saudi Arabian Division.

The defendant would make the majority loan in exchange Millions of dollars would be deducted from a hypothetical execution option: What you found Millionaire PageThis is to fix it, but there will be no problem. He was born on the 25th of August 1992 in Santa Cruz (Chile), under Marcelo Guardo's technical management, when he enters the campus.

In total, Paulo Díaz played 155 official games in his career and scored 15 goals

Diaz is a 1.80 meter long right in any bottom position and can be left behind in a tactical drawing. At that time, San Lorenzo sold it for $ 3,000,000 (August 2018) Al-Ahlik, where he played 14 official games and did not achieve the goals.

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