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Pending the Court's ruling, how is the judicial situation of the Government with the retired – 12/18/2018


This year, until November, the three Chambers of the Social Security Chamber approved 66,020 judgments, in their vast majority in favor of retirees, which had been appealed by the ANSeS.

Meanwhile, between January and November of this year, ANSeS paid 25,760 previous judgments, with strong judgments, by retroactivity resolved between November 2, 2017 and October 2 of the current year, by a gross total amount of $ 20,234 million, the agency said earlier this month.

The difference – which is broader because the final sentences of the first instance are not included – marks the Growth of pension litigation by different claims, both prior and generated during the current management.

Now, if the ruling of the Supreme Court is favorable to the retired White – witness case- one or more other than 11,700 similar judgments would be passed directly and immediately. And, as the Government undertook, the ANSeS should refrain from presenting in additional 150,000 cases extraordinary resources before the Court, in relation to the index of update of the remunerations that determine the initial salary, and continue paying firm sentences.

For 2019, the Budget set a maximum limit of $ 49,313.3 million for the payment of "recognized credit debts in judicial and administrative headquarters" and those arising from the "transactional agreements" by the retroactives of Law 27,260, of Historical Repair .

From this sum it is estimated that in 2019 the Budget for final judgments could reach 30,000 / 35,000 firm judgments, An insufficient number against the stock of firm sentences which would be enlarged with the Court's ruling.

The bill states that "convictions against the National Administration of Social Security will be met within 120 business days, counted from the effective receipt of the corresponding administrative file ". And it adds: "If during the budgetary execution, the assigned game will be exhausted for the fulfillment of said sentences, the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers may provide for extensions or budget restructuring in order to insure the payment within the indicated period ". Another variant is that Congress directly expands the budget line for the payment of judgments

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