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Persecution, crashes, turns and a criminal detainee – 07/01/2019


A then cinematographic searchA police officer from the local police station arrested a criminal in the southern part of the Federal Capital.

The security camera located in the Pacific Easter, at the entrance to Villa Riachuelo, was found to have stopped a vehicle. Was Ford K white.

When police security protocols and motorcycles were activated, the vehicle approached, giving the driver a loud voice. However, The man abandoned the order and fled.

The episode was largely recorded a camera agent put them in uniform. In the pictures, Ford accelerates and General Paz General vehicles begin to dodge.

When the descent of Coronel Roca Avenue arrived, the Ford driver was killed after another car. However, as the motorcycle agent himself continued, he continued to run until he reached a garden He came out and started the car.

On foot, the agent was part of the Ribera Sur park, he stopped.

According to the crime identification, they could identify the man accumulated criminal records. White K claimed the kidnapping from December 31 and was inside his wife and daughter.

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