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Personalized sports machines – Intransigent

When buying a luxury car there are several cases that need to be involved in the automotive industry. In the test unit, the following sales service is available for luxury / branded customers / users. Shopping experience is essential for your buyers to maintain loyalty with this type of brand.

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The story tells in 1983 that TAG owner, Mansour Ojjehe, wanted to drive Porsche 911 competition model homologation 935. Made a powerful job in a single maximum power unit. This Porsche 935 Street, a series of eighties, was a limited series with a 911 flat Turbo and cap.

Between 1981 and 1989, the equipment of the Stuttgart brand's optional equipment equipment, less than 948 copies of 948 Turbo, was constructed as a modification based on 935. Thus, the personalization of these machines began. Millions of foreigners' orders continue to reach Porsche offices and have manufactured units that are currently working and unmanaged.

To save weight, green colors, internal linings, special features, higher performance, differential materials and specification of the engines were special requests made by Porsche dealers. Personalization was known as an optional equipment program. Since 1986 exclusive Porsche and exclusive Porsche from 2019 were known as Manufaktur.

If it's a wood soul, it's probably a sports center of my dreams. says Alexander, the violinist and the owner of a Porsche. In that country, exclusive Porsche Manufaktur will arrive in 2019 and will be able to select all the details of the car from buyers. The idea is to combine technology with craftsmanship to find the only piece without similarity and maximum performance.

Each idea starts with a sketch, exclusive Porsche in Manufaktur, through a site. For example, it will offer more than 100 leather and thread threads, oriented to a millimeter of the interior. The brand is representative of four countries: Buenos Aires, Choba, Mendoza and Rosario.

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