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Perth-based amateur photographer & # 39; dragon head & # 39; His face reflects on the borealis over Iceland


February 28, 2019 06:12:34

The student at Curtin University, Jingyi Zhang, learned that he had taken a special interest in photographing Iparralde lights in Iceland, but he did not return home until he noticed his image.

Main keys:

  • Zhang took a picture on Gullfoss's holiday in southwestern Iceland
  • The image appeared on the image of the newspaper Astronomy
  • NASA saw a few days ago in February as "auroral activity picturesque"

Aurora Borealis changes the sky, when Zhang played a legendary mythical moment at the show.

Look at it in a certain way and becomes a light leg that generates hair on your head and looks like a wizard.

"I noticed the picture's dragon when I got home," said ABC amateur photographer.

He was on holiday in Zhang Gullfoss, southwest of Iceland, with his mother and a friend.

He said that he was "very lucky" to witness the spectacle, as the shining of the scale corresponding to this geomagnetic activity was better.

Zhang's mother was so fascinated with fascination, and admired to admire the snow.

His image can be seen in the foreground, the image of the sky dragon on the sky.

Surprising photos were more than usual holiday engagement, the NASA Astronomy Day image blog.

"Aurora Sun Crown poured out the charged particle by becoming a solar wind, changing the Earth's magnetosphere, changing the interplanetary magnetic field," he said.

"When some of these particles hit Earth's atmosphere, they embittered the atoms that emitted the light: at dawn.

"There is no solar system appearing in the Sun on February, a few months ago to be an amazingly picturesque activity to be amazing."

Since it was a space agency, Zhang's picture has been shared all over the world.

On the Stargazing side

Zhang is not a professional photographer, but his passion becomes more than one weekend hobby.

Last year, his name, Magic, was a UK Astronomy Photographer, under the direction of Royal Observatory Greenwich.

He also took Iceland's shot, Zhang's passion for blue with photography and astrophotography.

Zhang, who is a jewelery designer, is based in Perth.

When it can be done, it is excluded from the city to cover open plains WA in the dark night.

He broadcasts his work in a photo sharing site, showing the magnificent Australian landscape.



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