Friday , February 3 2023

Peter Alfonso Antonio Gasalla's "sit-in" spoke for the first time on


Together with Peter Alfonso and Antonio Gasalla, Carlos Paz spent the summer season very little. Shortly afterwards announced a great fanfare and a fun video, Gasallak closed the door and pulled it out. After meditative time, Alfonso and his wife Paula Chaves talked about this situation.

Trusted by Intruders Program: "Fortunately, it was a short romance, I get the seriousness of not being able to fulfill a dream. Antonio, when he offered the works, told him the first book and he was very happy, "said Pedro.

On the other hand, Paul explained: "Pedro made more meetings, I did not get together, but things ended up well, it was not anger."

And how were they among them? "Contacts are very good, we continue to talk about production, we hope we can do something in the future," concluded Pedro.

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