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Pia Shaw's fall is "Involved" – 01/30/2019

in Participate (America, at 11:30 p.m.) Pia Shaw had a small accident: An electric roller was raised, two wheels, and went to the floor.

With the speed of the network, in seconds, the blooper was viral. Pía laughed laughter.

His friends could not laugh. Funikoo was responsible for the Mariano Iúdica cycle and panelists Cora Debarbieri.

Luckily, Piak did not suffer any harm.

"Follow me, follow me, I can not stop"He said, before falling, Pía enthusiastically.

Falling by Pia Shaw

Falling "Involved" by Pia Shaw. (Catch the TV).

"I want you for it", He ran to Mariano Brunei. Ramiro Marras youtuber mentioned, he invited the program.

"Oh, Mariano, do not worry!" He asked. There, a panelist warned that he would wear the cable. "Save, Pia". There was no case And Shaw gave the canvas a kiss. "You did not help me, yes," he complained to the producer.

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