Wednesday , January 26 2022

Pico Monaco suffered a bad situation with a notary that ended his cry


The Extenstes were angry because they asked about Pampita and did not respond well. The word of Stephanie Delay.

Monaco peak He had a long season Stephanie DelayA note on Fox Sports He ended crying after an interview on an event. "Never Ever know why? Because Fox Sports is and I do not ask for it"After the end of the note, it is called an extenist.

Portal information Exitoina, lacking in a small interview. "When I asked about Pampita, he was surprised When the cameras came out, I felt the truth, I felt bad. Nobody ever treated me like that. It was half aggressiveHe did not respond well, I did not use such treatment, I felt very bad. Yes, I started crying, "said the journalist in front of the camera. Showcase Show.

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"I thought everything was blocked, I asked something I already knew and I do not know why he reacted like that. Nobody answered me, I did not have a good time, I was very worried. When I left and relaxed, I started crying. I am not treated like that. I treat it with respect. It seemed like it was strong, there was no good tension and I did not want anyone. I never thought that something nice to live would answer this way ", explain the delay with the one who lives with Pico.

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