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Pignanelli: "we are doing wrong, but the worst is still coming"

Daniela Cortés

Daniela Cortés Correspondent Buenos Aires

Economic Aldo Pignanelli talked about El Territorio about the economic event that will begin.
"A senior official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently asked me that Argentinians are aware that in the next few days, I think it's a very complicated year, but the worst has come," said Pignanelli.
In order to explain its point of view, the economist has said that "in 2019 both parties will unite, who do not bring good news in Argentina, on the one hand, the international offer of China and United States has been steadily intensified and, therefore, it will cost us to buy and sell one of these markets, because the giant's struggle goes to prices, because we live in a high inflation other year, estimates as optimistic as possible will be about 30%. "
For some economists, considering that there is a need to close the inflation rate of 48% this year, 30% of inflation is forecast for 30% in 2019. However, Pignanelli did not see that way.
"As if it were 430 kilometers per hour and we had a speed of 300 kilometers, we still have a huge risk of pressing a large stick, a 50-kilometer maximum permit, with the same inflation, which means that it reduces from 48% to 30% every year. in the pocket, "he said.
The president of the Argentine Central Bank, President of Eduardo Duhalde, and economist at the top of the list headed by Sergio Massa, "can also focus on what can happen, for example, if the exchange rate is based on the International Monetary Fund, at least 30% discount for the next year We will be able to reach 50 pesos by the end of 2019. "
But he immediately warned that "this scenario is a clear point of view, because if the exchange rate increases and if international factors start playing, we will continue to be an unusual surprise."

Control of inflation

In the case of inflation to face the problems of Argentine life, Pignanelli said that "we should not forget that Macri could have an inflation 8 last year. We ended the% and 2018 with an inflation of 48%."
"In this context, if we look at the weakest sectors of the Argentine population, because it has a heavy impact on food, we can see that food inflation is more than 50%, which is why we have stressed that the inflation process is more difficult," said he.
He stressed that "the record level of inflation is the worst podium of nations in the world with the highest inflation". As Venezuelan only surpasses, we are fighting for the second place, together with countries like Sudan and Syria.
When Mauricio Macrik's government was able to control inflation in 2019, Pignanelli said that "it is difficult to achieve this, like those countries with inflation, in the 1980s or in Israel and Mexico, with political agreements that exceeded the social and economic Inflation Inflation, He has made a fight, called distribution bidding, and it is difficult to get out of that bad circuit. "
But, according to Pignanelli, the national government "does not have any power to achieve voluntary and comprehensive agreements, all of which end up inflation. I do not work for intelligence or will in the current management of the government in this regard."
The economist also stressed that "this year ends with an inflation rate of over 48% and the salary reached from 25% to 28%, which means a 20% loss in inflation, because the worker increased their income by 28%, but the cost of living increased by 48%. It is clear why people do not understand enough money, because inflation has swallowed everything. "

"The Government Still Lies For Us"

In 2019, he consulted on other perspectives of economists who believe that the economy of the country would be a year of recovery, Pagnaella answered hard.
"This year, inflation would be 8% and the dollar would not cost more than $ 20. They are the same chants that lead us to a road. I do not respect those knights, they are constantly lying and buy governments too. A true government tells us a lie tell me ".
He then stated that "if people want to believe in miracle colors, let's do it, then it comes with a crash on the wall. When they give lectures or people in the street tell me" at the end and you were Lavagna. "Three years have passed since preaching in the desert, we took the wrong path. Unfortunately, we're right, I understand that they think things are better. I want my family to move forward here and in the country, but the recovery of the economy has not come to good intentions. "
From the point of view of Pignanelli, "the result of the 2019 election is not subject to so much government, because it has very little action, but it is subject to opposition. The question remains whether the opposition presents a new opportunity for society, separating it from the crack that divides so much. has plenty of options ".
"At this point, the governor is very important," he concluded, "to play the role of super-living as a complex instruction.

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