Tuesday , January 25 2022

Pilcha Canalla: Rare mid-shirt


Rosario Central is very intense and today is no exception. During the conference and talks, the first technician, Edgardo Bauza, joined the training session and then introduced the new reinforcement, Jarlan Barrera, The new T-shirt was T-shirt. The middle-class professional team wears her outfits to be used for the first time in his history and in subsequent friendly matches.

When the arrival of the Barrier became an officer in Rosario, the supporters of Auriazul asked them where this strange jacket came from; And, of course, there was an explanation. Depending on the organization's public, its Twitter account, design It belongs to self-made clothing The entity has promoted a bit A ceremony to be released on Sunday.

Twitter account @infocanaya Explain: "They were manufactured a year ago Rosarina to dress up. The tribute to the origins of Scottish T-shirt clan"And it clarifies the pattern It's not sold at official stores. In addition, it has 6 star protectors with the TCL sponsor.

These shirts They will only be used in non-official associationsIn one of the AFA and Conmebol competitions in 2019, Rosario Central makes models Under the armor, A US brand that supplies sportswear and accessories, both for professional football and for smaller categories, according to Chain 3.

Before the start of the official competition, the team canallas will have friendly matches. du Sunday 13th, 22.10 hours, face Belgrano de Córdoba Platan Sea, and then Sarmiento and Saturday 19. It will be measured before the AcademySuperliga, Argentine leader, also in the city of Mar del Plata.

After the exit Marco Ruben, DT tracking was confirmed by the group as the protagonist. Bauza was very clear about the media: "There was no doubt about my continuity". In addition, the former coach of San Lorenzo admits: "I offer, though They are my obligations. I never gave up and the leaders knew my decision. There is only one goal to go out and not anything else. "

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