Wednesday , January 27 2021

"Pity" Martnez admits that it is difficult to escape from the river in the world

After the happiness of historical consecration Libertadores Cup before Boca Juniors, after a while Gonzalo "Pity" Martnez The club seems to have invaded the melancholic sensation that touched the "touching the sky touching the sky". And he acknowledged after visiting his excompaeros the prisoner in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where he was awarded the prize Thanks to the best American player in 2018 The newspaper El Pas from neighboring countries. "The world is worth to leave the river", in an emotional gala.

"I'm very happy in my personal and group, and that's why I came to visit the boys. We lived in Madrid very strong and when we came back to Buenos Aires, we got what we got," he said. Millions of millions of giants, with the prize Marcelo Gallardo Since "Mueco" has been featured the best technical director of our continent.

But the most amazing part of the future footballer Atlanta UnitedHe was the final champion of the United States Major League Soccer (MLS) after losing his "suffering" after Nezen's organization, after so much success. "Now, it costs me a bit, leaving the river in the world. I took a lot of things as people with me and grew up among them, "said the 25-year-old midfielder.

Meanwhile, in interviews with TyC Sports and ESPN, the National Group of Argentina commented on everything that was left in the group: "I'm happy, important things have been achieved recently, my teammates, technical staff, Leaders and people working in the club, they helped me a lot today Today, the best, positive, I'm happy, I'll take it with the boys with the boys, for a bit to share. "

And he continued: "He is a club that has learned a lot of love. We hope you return. This club has to return 100% to the physical, the mind and the football. If I get it and I'll be back in full. When we went back to Buenos Aires, we realized something historic when we were beating Boca. "

In the end, "Pity" thanked the millions of the group's president, who did not want to be part of the awards ceremony for the images of two clubs. "I have been thankful for everything that Onofrio had done for me, But this time I feel a lot of sadness and pain (Rodrigo) Mora. We thought it was going to be recovered, but he did not get it and he retired before time, "he concluded.

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