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"Playing baby with dolls" | C story

"The 11-year-old girl who was tortured by the Hospital's Health System month was rescued," explained Cecilia Ousset, a gynecologist, one of the medical practitioners who took part in a long-term pause on Tuesday. Tonight, Tukumana's girlfriend tonight, the province's government denied her the right to abort at one month. Ousset and her husband, Jorge Gigena, had surgery at the Eva Perón Hospital.

As part of the Caesar section, he called the Provincial Health System, Ousset acted as instrumentalist, yesterday explained that "it was physically and emotionally exhausted", "objective but not barrier." Throughout the day, in journalistic interviews, he offered surprising details about the subject of the Necan's agent, because the Ministry of Health of the province denied that he had no life threatening to meet the pregnancy interruptions. "A baby of this age is at risk of death because it is not a body developed to continue with pregnancy," said the doctor in the National Radio Tucumán interview.

The little girl was so amazing to see Oussette so small. "He did not get 50 kilos," said Siprosa's secretary Gustavo Vigliocco on Wednesday as saying that she wanted to make pregnancy as a result of rape.

"The baby was playing with dolls. When I saw my loose legs, I saw my youngest daughter, the little girl did not fully understand what would happen," the doctor explained to her husband at the hospital in the hospital. To get rid of his underwear, he said, they had to sleep, facing other people, as they often had to do with child abuse.

Within the operating room, Ousset said, except for her husband and her husband, other healthcare professionals were consciously referred to as objects and decided not to cesare. Ousset described the situation that the girl described as "torture".

Governor Tucumán, governor Juan Manzur, as a result of an electoral issue, prevented the interruption of pregnancy and had to give birth to the girl. "

Ousset asserted that the successful operation was that the girl was "in a good state of affairs". "In 26 weeks, the life of newborns has a percentage of 50 percent," he said, on the other hand, compared to the fetus, "the interruption took place in 23 weeks."

Last year, Dr. Ousset participated in a public debate on the legalization of abortion and sponsored the project. In June, a week before the vote of the House of Representatives, he sent a virus on Facebook. "For fifteen years in gynecological practice, in the case of women, for Catholics, in order to achieve the same consistency as possible, and as hypocrisy as possible, I said:" All women who love LEGAL, LEGAL, SAFETY AND EXPANSION, in an exasperating and intimate situation, "he warned in daily practice after he had known many cases. "I do not like a country with poor abortion and poor dying, where the wealthy people continue to learn and the poor are leaving a colostomy bag, the rich men who were in the clinic during the pregnancy and the poor are in the police registry."

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