Saturday , January 23 2021

PlayStation will come up with a new Legend at Apex Legends

Apex Legends, admitted Battle Royale of Respawn Entertainment and Electronic ArtsThe first season is celebrating Battle PassDespite the criticisms of this content, this seems to be a good thing to end up arriving octane He gave more players to create superb tactics against his enemies.

But it seems that this is not a new season Apex Legends, thanks to the new information from the store's hand Playstation Hungary, a second legend reflects less than the information that will come from this second legend in this season.

Legends and awards – New legends will be added during the season, using new weapon games that you can access through the entry. In addition, you can get a new accessory with each new legend and weapon.

New items – During the season, two new elements will be added to add innovation and innovation to the strategy.

Dataminer has filtered some legendary filters, but it seems that next may be added Wattson, he is still not very familiar with his ability and apparently in the first season Apex Legends, The Wild FrontierIt will last until June 5, so it's still for several months now respawn you can add the new legend to the game.

Apex Legends, new Battle Royale of respawn and EAThe first season of "Wild Border", which has added a lot of new content, will last until June 5, 2019, so we will have a lot of time to get all the prizes for this new season. Apex Legends It's free for platforms Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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