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Pokemon GO creators are worth more than Square Enix, Sega and Capcom

Fever for Pokemon GO It never seems to end. And with good reason … In recent days, a popular mobile game Niantic It has entered PvP mode (that is, confrontations between players) Trainer fights. But he has not been there. He has also gradually introduced the new Shinnoh species, With the Nintendo side connection, as well as all kinds of events, like December.

Its value does not stop adding updates. And with them, the user. According to the latest data released by The Wall Street Journal, Niantic will reopen potential investors in the next few days Over 200 million of them For that, The company's value would be $ 3,900 million, more than companies like Capcom, Square Enix or Sega.

Becomes a Niantic Millionaire with Pokemon GO

Everything is the most striking Niantic, developer Pokemon GOnor a decade of life. Created in 2010, launched by Google until 2015, it became an independent studio that worked on successful games … it was "moderate", being generous. With Pokémon GO joining in 2016, they have been chained to the stardom.

It's Pokemon GO one of the most profitable games in the world and worth 3.9 million dollars from Niantik You'll go to Square Enix (3,327 million, created in 1975), Sega (3,800 million, created in 1960) and Capcom (2 million dollars generated in 1979), despite the final victory of the resurrection.

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