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Pokémon will have new features of the video game


Pokémon plans for the next months. The coaches will have new dynamics to catch creatures.

Things happen in Pokemon in 2019. According to JeuxVideo, the French portal dedicated to video games released some details on the next version of the Pokémon 2019 series of the Pokémon series for Nintendo Switch.

The information is not confirmed, but if it is true, the saga franchise player will make a great deal of changes. Pokémon 2019 would be a revolution for those who are accustomed to eternal commands.

Pokemon 2019 will redesign the capture system and the game will be "a new 100% RPG experience", as well as graphic improvements.

The Pokemon video game will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

What is Pokémon about?

The franchise of the media, initially started as a RPG arcade game, but, due to its popularity, has spread to other entertainment media, such as TV shows, card games, clothing, among others, a brand that is recognized on the market. world. As of December 1, 2006, video game sales reached 312 million copies (including the Nintendo 64 console version) and took second place in Nintendo's video game sagas. The tenth anniversary of the franchise was celebrated on February 27, 2006.

Game Freak is a videogame saga developed by the Japanese software programming company, characters created by Satoshi Tajiri, Creatures Inc. for the company's toy company, and at the same time distributed by Nintendo. The mission of these games is to capture and train Pokémon (the name of the game), reaching number 809. The ability to exchange was a success and gained popularity. Animation series, movies and different merchandise, including stuffed animals, toys and letters.

Video games, anime series and Western distribution materials were produced in the United States of America until November 4Kids Entertainment, which is why it decided to renew the Pokémon USA (Pokémon Company filial) contract. Today, he distributes everything related to Pokémon material in the West.

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