Wednesday , September 28 2022

Polino to "stick" of Passalacqua


It was in Showmatch, Soledad Fandiño paid homage to the Mbyá community "Bailando 2018". Journalist Marcelo Polino's entertainment offered a tough message from the Government's Hugo Passalacqui.

Itá Poty Mirí, in Puerto Iguazú, arrived last night at the national screenmark of Marcelo Tintelli.

The pairs formed by Soledad Fandiño and Nicolás Villalba paid homage to the mbya dance competition.

After a choreography, a community member spoke Marcelo Tinelli Regarding the reality of Puerto Iguazu. The order of the driver "said the soled dance room beyond the building, so to speak," he said Be careful because they have clean water".

"Tomorrow, first of all, we will take care of it," he said. And at the end of the broadcast he received a message Foundation AMIA Ita Poty Miri wants to add support to cover the need of the community.

Marcelo Polino He became serious and, angry, attacked: "Lord Governor Missions, you are looking for water, you are asking for a classroom, how are you not ashamed? Do you have to spend a lot of water with the water to go to the TV? I am an apolitician and I do not know what aspect the Governor Misiones is, but that is shameful." Soledad Fandiño started crying.

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