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Portrait of Sagar Plusbelle


"I go to the shampoo gondola and Pantene Pro-V 100 handles. A little more, Sagar Plusbelle looks and looks at me." I know you came back one day … "

A few days ago it was published on Facebook and shared thousands of times, winning dozens of them Like | in each profile that responded. In addition to its grace and its originality, the message tells us what is happening to us today, when almost everyone goes to the supermarket.

Everything is very expensive and, among purchasing decisions, we move the first or second brand or third brand, the salary that will be (not always effective) for the entire month.

Before opting out of a particular product, we prefer to take a cheaper brand. We did not want to use it for those who use it, it does not completely satisfy us, but … we do not reach another. It's more than ever in the pocket.

According to the supermarkets in Córdoba, the second half of the year began to return to the secondary brand, when the price of the dollar was set at prices, and settled in September and October. "The second brand is pushing hard, especially in the warehouse product, such as noodles and jams, even in milk, in some comforts," said Benjamin Blanch, President of the Chamber of Supermarket and Cordova Self-Service (Casac).

Depending on the advisor's advisory data tickets In the retail trade, secondary brand and own brand participation totaled 11% and 16% between 2017 and 2018. Consumers have changed their purchasing habits by about 80% with the aim of clear: save.

The difference between the second and second brands is between 20% and 25%, and third and more than 30%, depending on the case. That, at the end card, it shows. In fact, today, the entire supermarket cart can be around 4,000 pesos. Second marks, at least 3,000 or 3,300. The difference is not small. Almost light card, cable payment or football for boys.

When the transfer is at least noticeable, some cleaning products and certain health-related foods are present. In that case, people are trying to buy some brands that guarantee family support. On the other hand, an economic evaluation is established. "If you have a second brand that has ever been tested, it seems to me to be named or recommended, the customer does not question and buy it today," says Blanche.

The second mark will stay here until at least until the situation is improving and the wages start to recover part of the inflation. Perhaps the ancient ones recovered. In the meantime, Plusbelle apples will be there, looking side by side, silent.

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