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Posadas: As a result of the demand, the vials have been delivered to the city to reduce the rat population

At Ten Regional Integration Centers (CIT) there are rodenticides for all residents of the city of Posadas, within the decentralization actions to prevent the proliferation of rodents.

In terms of deliveries, it is responsible for the proper management of the poison and the necessary information, thus obtaining the correct use.

At the same time, technicians from the Department of Epidemiology and Healthcare's Zoonoses Department travel to temporary strategic locations to have access to many preventative elements.

They visited 149 and 181 farms, the main building of the Town Hall, San Martin and Plaza de 9 de Julio, and the headquarters of the Social Welfare Institute, located on the streets of Ayacucho in San Martín.

In addition, the municipality has informed Rodenticida that the people interested in receiving wild boar are also approaching the headquarters of the Zonosi Department, on the 22nd of December and the intersection of Bermudas streets, from 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Leptospirosis and hantavirus

In Epas, the Hantavirus of Chubut, and the unexpected cases of isolated Salta, Entre Ríos and other provinces of Buenos Aires, they alerted the rat inhabitants of the city of Posadas.

Although Misiones has not recorded the record of humans that infected the virus, the alerts also appear in cases of Leptospirosis, before being treated by Eldorado Samic in the town of Oberá and San Pedro. Leptospirosis was diagnosed.

Alejandro Martínez, according to the health service secretary, said a few days ago, in the last years of December they have been growing to get rid of queries and requests from the Posada municipality for free Rural Integration Center (CIT).

"Demand has increased in recent weeks, especially in the southern hantavirus cases, not so much leptospirosis," he said. For example, the request, which was directed to one month, was exhausted within 20 days, warned.

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