Monday , June 5 2023

Preview of "Cacho" Laudonius, Carlos Tevez, for the Superfinal against the river


It's quite a piece of chocolate. On Thursday afternoon, all the fans that were open at home opened on Thursday were immediately separated. du Crazy banderita She was today, her hat waved and shared some moments with players and coaches.

Then he walked across the court to the second home. He made a few minutes to talk Infobae, but it does not accept severity. He stands next to the tape behind the fence and when he is ready to give a serious answer, he laughed immediately, because the two men who work in the club joke: "What a barbarian, they touched my tail."

Oscar chub Laudonio He does not inadvertently notice his outfit and hears curiosity about foreign media outlets. It allows you to know the relationship with the Ribera organization and its history. For all of us, it always offers a smile and energy that hides more than 80 springs.

"The people in the court are a sign of feeling and passion, I do not say, everyone sees"comment chub, Which reminds the presence of the Intercontinental 2000 club, Boca won Real Madrid with Martin Palermo and a Milan-based 2003 penalty.

There is a final of the Liberator for the first time: the last one in 2007. "I saw it in Brazil magician Juan Román Riquelme, caused a big problem. He disassembled six ballsThey needed to strengthen them and glue them in order to play. The night was unforgettable, "he speaks Crazy banderita idearian achievement xeneize

Surely, you will see the game that matches your wife and children, but the soul does not have to be present at Monumental. Of course, he said if he was crowned Boca Club World Cup reserved for travel to the UAE. At this point there is an amulet type.

Against River, the game is closed and it is very difficult to predict. But Laudonio shared his prediction with Carlos Tevez and Infobae: "We won 1-0 with him, I said". He also did not pressure the apache owner "Guillermo knows what to do." He also thinks it is better for the second half in the second half to be a tough defense for the opponent: "With his vitality and feeling he can win the Cup." Will it be for extra hours? "We did not reach the extension, we won", he concludes.

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