Friday , March 31 2023

Prince Harry and Meghan will go to the Kensington Palace


This weekend was announced Sussex duchess Go to Kensington Palace, Frogmore House, a village near Windsor Castle, beginning in 2019.

The couple will prepare the first child's birth for the next spring, as explained at the Kensington Palace.

Where is your new home Prince Harry and Meghan His wedding reception approached the second family and friends.

The younger son of Prince Charles and American exaction married in Windsor Castle (outside London), on May 19 and October 15 announced a pregnancy Meghan.

According to the source, Windsor is a "special place" for marriage, because the 2017 Commitment is in Nottingham Cottage, a home in the Kensington Palace in London, and residents alike. Cambridge Dukes Three children, princes George and Louis and the princess Charlotte.

"Duke Suskex and Duke Frogmore Landa Windsor will start preparing to become parents for the coming years." And they add: "Windsor is a very special place for High Highnesses, and they are glad they will be staying at their official residence. The dukes and the dukes will remain in the Kensington Palace," says the statement.

With this new one, there are those who are talking about differences dukes de Cambridge and those of them Sussex. It seems, Harry and Meghan They want to start a new life away William and Katesaid a source about the Royal House Daily mail.

"Harry and Meghan want to move and need more space, but they do not want to have the door to live the door William and Kate"So they will be located 130 kilometers, about 209 kilometers.

There is also another source about the alleged inequalities of sister care: "Kate and Meghan Life is very different and will be more noticeable over time. "

In any case, the official version is about the palace and the new home Meghan and Harry It has ten rooms and a nursery, gym, spa and yoga room. That means & # 39; Upgrading & # 39; From today's residence, because it only has two rooms.

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