Thursday , January 21 2021

Privacy, one of the main characters of the CES 2019 technology fair

Apple is not among the 2019 Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) exhibitors, but this does not prevent iPhone manufacturers from sending a message through a giant message. "What's happening in your iPhone for iPhone," says Apple in the message, the thousands of people attending the Las Vegas fair will be on display every week.

The message is sent in a moment Manufacturers are concerned about data protection scandals and, in many cases, are looking for a concern about privacy respect.

Some companies Provide better protection of routers or services without the need for an internet connection, thereby reducing filtering or illegal access to information.

Dutch launch Scalys will show its reliability, a router that protects the user's connectionas well as the devices used.
Another router from Winston, based in Chicago, can slow down tracking and surveillance and block the alerts and geolocation.

Scandals about data escaping are "like Christmas presents," "pushing consumers to get better security," said Richard Stokes, founder of Winston.

"When I see how much more they connect to, I think it's probably talk about security and information security," said Carolina Milanesi analyst Creative Strategy. "More companies will make a line of types of marketing by Apple," he added.

That is calculated 74 million Americans have friendly speakers, According to eMarketer research company, Amazon is selling most of the market with Amazon. Consumer fears are always listening to these devices, which represents a risk to privacy.

In the CES, a device called Mute will be included in Smarte Launch, which generates a protective layer to prevent the device from receiving conversations.

French launch Snips will offer his digital assistantIt can be installed on the device without an Internet connection. "Consumers will return to us because they are not dependent on Big Tech," said Snips founder Rand Hindi.

Hindus said the argument of big technology companies that need user data to use things is fake. "The only reason they need your information is white (with advertising)," he said.

Bob O & D; Donnell of Technology Analyst said that Companies are increasingly in the field of privacy and data protection, on Facebook's revelation series and others from recent years. "Unfortunately, we all begin to realize the problem of information privacy (and ambitiously)," said O & D.

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