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Problems with gums link male impotence to men

Researchers from the University of Granada (Spain) found the link between tooth and erectile dysfunction. It seems, the state of the gums causes veins and changes blood circulation, which will affect sexual performance. Article published in the scientific journal Magazine Journal Magazine The first one is associated with two problems.

To understand this Efficiency Relationship, we will begin with oral health. According to scientists, The problem creates periodontitis. This disease complements the structures that surround and support the chronic inflammation of the intestine and the teeth. If it is not treated, it can also cause loss of your teeth.

However, gums cause the presence of bacteria that damage the blood vessels (endothelius vascular). If this condition includes the veins and arteries of the penis, it causes circulation and complicates the erection. Therefore, this article warns that men with periodontitis have a higher risk of being able to suffer from impotence.

To do this, 80 cases were studied: 74% of continuous dysfunction patients had periodontitis, while the relationship between impotence severity and periodontal injury was found. In this sense, periodic patients are "2.28 times more likely to suffer from fibroma dysfunction than with periodic illnesses," they said in a statement.

That is a good thing easy methods to avoid oral diseases and reach everyone: Keeps the teeth clean and maintains adequate hygiene.

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