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Production of air conditioning fell by 16% in 2018


du Fagor Argentina Electronics Terminal Association (Afarte) It has been a pioneer in the production of aerators last year. The main reason for the crisis of consumption and low temperatures.

Afarte estimates that the production of air conditioners will reach one million units until 2018. That means 70 years of age with less than 70 thousand. "The above is a very rigorous estimate of 2019 production, which is between 800 and 850 thousand units," said the manufacturer.

Workers believe that the general economic crisis that affects consumption and the minimum financing options will be made Sales of recent years "suffer about 16% each year". In this context, the price of air conditioners, in addition to the efforts of the sector's competitiveness, has a high relative weight of domestic life.

The hot months are added to the economic factor They were not compared to previous years. "This month began with the lowest average historical average: it is the coldest in the last 19 years, according to data from the National Meteorological Service."

Federico HellemeyerThe president, Afarte, summarizes that it was 2018 "A difficult year for all sectors of the economy", especially those with an internal market ".

"Consumption amongst all is a great deal of stock, which means that it will be slow to revive the next future at the industrial level. With this scenario we expect the 2019 conservation levels of production", detail.

Regarding the reverse context, he said that the planned option to boost the request is "appreciation of the financial cost of purchasing equipment", especially with a high energy efficiency. "In this way, the consumer will consider the convenience of renovating the old equipment, as it allows the reduction of electricity consumption," he said.

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