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Prosecutor's nonsensical theory, Salta disappeared at the end of the French backs – 12/01/2014

The three brothers, Juan, Froilán and Rosa Cuevas, lived alone in the Huacaloma area, in the department of Iruya. An almost invigorating area, one of the most impoverished in Salta. There, the mountain trails are very dangerous, they do not allow vehicles to pass through, and there are wild animals that saddle their horse's legs and saddle their legs. The Ensanche were in the village of Las Varas, next to Huacalom, the caves were drinking pure alcohol, Both men take less "monsters" in that place..

The story was repeated ten years ago by Juan Cuevas (42) He squeezed his brother's death and cast him into the desert. Justice Salta was currently undergoing a murder. Froilán Cuevas (39) was imprisoned, accused of murdering another man. But he did not receive a convention. Rosa, for the victims of the victim, for another crime betrayed on December 18, 2018.

Finding Facebook Tracks for Mathieu Martin's relatives.

Finding Facebook Tracks for Mathieu Martin's relatives.

"Ask what they did with the Frenchman"The police said to him. He talked about Mathieu Martini, the parasite disappeared from August. Martin's family traveled to Aussonne twice, around Toulouse, searching in Argentina, including dogs and drones.

Juan and Froilán Cuevas are detained, being killed by Mathieu Martin. The murder has not yet been proved, but the "mystery of the north" – as called by the French media – would be solved: even though the body has never been found.

That is, considering the brothers Cuevas "chronic alcoholics" and "violent abilities" at the beginning He was admitted to the Salta police when he was killed in French tourism. Afterwards, with the advice of a lawyer, in front of the Provincial Attorney, they deny everything. They also reported that they were "unlawful limits" to name the culprit.

Mathieu slept while he was attacked.

Mathieu slept while he was attacked.

However, according to Ramiro Ossorio, 4th Prosecutor of the Criminal Unit of Serious Punishment against Persons Persons bugle This will prove that their brothers killed a backpacker. And how did they do it. Although his body "never was found," he said.

After 70 days of successful follow-up and testimony to Rosa Cuevas, in the search Trained dogs changed the smell of cats discovered by human beings.

"On Monday, dogs often marked square footprints in places where they were marked up to the end of the hill's hill, where there is a cliff. It can be said that it is worth mentioning, or maybe it is buried at a depth of five meters, which is a mountainous slab, As a geologist helped us, because a machine could not go down and tried to cut it manually and it is not feasible, life would be compromised, "the prosecutor explained.

Without a body, how does the Cuevas brothers accuse of a "simple homicide"? How do you know if you were killed or killed?

French did not use GPS for its route, accurately specified in France and Facebook. He inquired how each place was asked. He disappeared into Isla de Cañas (in the Santa Victoria mountains, 307 km from the Salta capital). It would take three days to get to know the last known location. He never came. According to the prosecution, he found a dangerous "roadside" on his road to his human population. "If an animal had been attacked, in the worst case, If they ate, their belongings would be. Mathieu had more than one meter a backpack ".

In the house of Cuevas, there were pants with a lantern, a knife and a parasite. also the traces that are burned from your possessions. "Witnesses saw their brothers dream of a great nightmare," says Ossorio, a Frenchman who would wear french cloths.

It is clear that the body "was not burning"He says

What would happen to the murder? At the beginning of the search, Juan Cuevas said he was never a Polish back. Then he saw that he was "passing", "he asked for a path," and he described it perfectly. Froila, meanwhile, told the police that she had her brother Mathieu on her neck and had thrown a swamp. "It was not there". Juan did not report his brother. Also, according to Ossorio, they are murderers. One for each "action" and "other" by default.

"Froilán has a major motivational disability, he can not move half of his body, and it is impossible for Mathieu to win a powerful and powerful man, steal it and stole it or kill him, and he was Froilán. He did not do anything to prevent it and took advantage of the robbery during the robbery, Two of them divided things, "said the prosecutor. It is estimated that he was attacked at night, "like the jackals," while he was sleeping.

Juan's background includes the "small lesions" of Froilán. Rosa never denounced her. So far, he threatened to not talk about the crime. The prosecutor believes that the woman was not murdered.

Cuevas brothers are under a precautionary arrest. Rosa says, she does not know where Mathie's body is. It continues in this abominable place. In December and a little while, when the helicopter rises to the ground, the researchers move.

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