Monday , May 29 2023

Protest with G20: Two vans with kidnapped sticks, gummers and spirits carrying militants


The security operation was launched to prevent G20 destruction in the center of Buenos Aires to prevent incidents that occurred in mass mobilization, seized by the Federal Police sticks, gums and alcohol, amongst other groups that transport it Militant PTS.

Control happened at the intersection San José and BelgranoFrom the streets of Buenos Aires to the suburbs and other areas of the Congress of Buenos Aires, they were led by the demonstrations.

They were in this case 8 people to which Identification was taken and then releasedsaid the police Infobae. Both trucks were pick-up and brought with them flags of the left and the poles of the left staff.

Search found by PFA troops sticks, nails, scissors, cutters, pinpits, french keys, flags, gas masks and filters, cotton and alcohol.Amongst other kidnapped items.

During the day, several operations were carried out and nine people were detained. This morning, at the Gendarmerie's check-in Eight molotov cocktails were found in a taxi He burned two blocks in March.

Later, Two PTS Leaders among them Guillermo Ermili, Members of the PTS and a party prosecutor were arrested and later released the Order of Justice. 25 major communications with charging devices. This was at the junction San Juan and July 9.

Then, intercepted by the Criminal Prevention Division of the Municipal Police three youngsters (Men and women between 19 and 21 years old), were separated from the pillars Classical and conventional class occasionally they changed the meaning of the street Santiago del Estero.

When they realized the extravagant movements, they asked to open their backpacks: there were large quantities glass beads, screws and screws as well as lemon parts to apply to the eyes and mitigate the effects of tear gas. Prosecutor Federico Tropea His hours later released.

Finally, enter Lima and Independence arrested four more friends (three men aged 15 and over) who had it March, stones, fuel containers and saskas double sack. A minor was released, two were called to the Belgrano Institute and the oldest detainees.

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