Wednesday , January 26 2022

"Psikopata, a lie and …" Cristiano Ronaldo is a liquid actress


Again the polemic doors arrived Cristiano Ronaldo. And in this case the actor and model, Jasmine LennardJuventus's image was coupled with a couple of messages in social media. In addition, the English artist assures that the allegations cooperate with water.

Portuguese crack was charged criminally Kathryn Mayorga according to He was raped in 2009 in a tour of England's Manchester United in Las Vegas, In the United States. Additionally, an alleged victim's lawyer said last year that three other women could join the cause, but they still had not shown their identities.

Cristiano published political posts on Twitter:

– "After thinking a lot about Kathryn Mayorga and his legal team Help Cristiano Ronaldo offer rape against me. Please contact me. In my case I have information that is useful to me. "

– "Legally thinks that it will erode … We have been in contact with a decade and we communicate daily and a half every day. I have messages and recordings of important value".

– "He has serious mental health problems, his whole life is a lie. A psychotype is a lie and a stalker"

– "There is nothing worse than those who survive". The position of the power to boast people who can not protect themselves from overpowering power ".

– "& # 39; It does not exist & # 39; & # 39; does not mean that. If you continue with sexuality, when you scream the woman, you are a racer and a monster.And I do not play well or sing well. "

– "I sit down longer, it's not correct, I feel like I'm accomplice … and I can not … contact Kathryn, help me."

– "Even if you are trying to persuade yourself and be calm, I will do the right thing, I will share my information with the public to make your decisions, I can sue you, but it is a public interest and you miserably fail."

– "This told me If I meet someone or a home, I will kidnap you, cut the body, put it in the bag and throw it in the river.. I have a proof of what I said. It's a psychopath. "

– "I do not fear … Yes, that's true I've kept all your dirty secrets for ten years. But that's too far. I do not defend myself for these accusations, I think it is guilty. "

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