Monday , January 24 2022

Puerto Montt is a woman suspected of having a hantavirus


A new part of the provincial health authorities reported on Saturday that a patient from Palena (Chile) was hospitalized in Puerto Montt as a "suspect" of hantavirus.

According to the report, the woman has an epileptic link to the epayoh epivirus. The villages of Palenque range more than 10 kilometers from Chubutene to Carrenleufú, linking 44 and 235 routes.

Also, it was determined that a patient in the hall had gone to the Therapy Intensive at Esquel Hospital. Three people have been confirmed for Hantavirus in the hospital, as "suspect" and under three observations.

Positive cancer has been confirmed and another patient is included in the ordinary room in Bariloche. There is no positive case confirmed.


The Chubut Ministry of Health, led by Adrián Pizzi, continues to investigate, investigate and continue the occurrence of the Hantavirus located in Epai.

On Friday, the director of the Esquel programming area, Jorge Elías, Teresa Strella, and the Director of the Department of Epidemiology of Pathology and Epidemiology by Antonio Mugno, Director of the Department of Health Sciences Section (HZE), Antonio Mugno, is the director of the Hospital of Esquel's Zone (HZE). The main hospital of the Andean region "for the purpose of monitoring the work being carried out for several weeks during the monitoring period".

The emergence of Hantevirus is under a group of Epuyen, so the Ministry of Health has "a very active job of supervising the isolation of breathing".

The disease is transmitted in contact with the liver of the infected liver, saliva and viruses. Likewise, in close contact with patients, it can also be transmitted to people in the initial episode of febrile events (48 or 72 hours).

Hantavirus symptoms include fever, muscle pain, coldness, headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, diarrhea and advanced breathing apparatus.

With regard to preventive measures, it is advisable to: ventilate, clean and clean the houses; land less than a few hours before closing down and preventing the winding down; Work in the field of clothes, appropriate shoes and respiratory protection.

If you decide on the campsite, choose a place without grass and do not sleep with live grass, park guard, guard rafts, signage and healthcare staff indicators. and stroll through the appropriate clothing and footwear, avoiding areas where weeds are.

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