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Pulga Rodríguez a Colón, an intangible story that goes through Tucumango politics


Luis Rodríguez, the symbol of Tucuman that leaves great love Source: THE NATION

Although Tucumán's bad weather is bad weather, Luis Miguel "Pulga" Rodríguez, the greatest idol in Atlético Tucuman's history, played for fifteen years at the club. He received international promotions from Federal A to B and A, and his goals for the first time in the Copa Libertadores and the South American Cup. Although he left many embarrassing departures, there was no less surprise in Columbus, when he signed with Santa Fe, for a two-year contract.

On January 1, the backbone of Simoca 34 and the club publicly denounced a photograph and "you will be the first birthday, happy new year, Flea!". Many people speculated that Dean's shirt was in his career. However, Superliga has left the third team, eight points behind the leading Racing team, with fewer games, to enter 18th place, although at the beginning of March it will play the Copa Sudamericana.

Thanks to some of the Pulguita videos, they expressed their desire to thank fans of Athletic for their friendship and understanding, saying they were "overwhelming and difficult", and they said they "wanted to change the air and to face new challenges".

A change in the fate of football meant a special event in its personal life for ten days: on December 26, he joined the Partido Justicialista de Tucumán. The current governor, Juan Luis Manzur, will go to the elections and expects the striker to strengthen the campaign and be a candidate for councilors.

Manzur was the deputy of the government of José Alperovich. The Alperovich family was always tight and Athletic's institutional life had an impact. There are some versions of the club's financial contributions to pay for part of the group's professional contracts, as the members of the press conference said. "Atletico is solved with its partners, sponsors, ticket sales and television rights," which responded.

From now on, Alperovich was arrested by Rodríguez and Guillermo Acosta (joined by the Justicialist party and transferred to Lanus) when Atletico Madrid approached Manzur. The US senator Beatriz Rojkés, Alperovich's wife and the president of the Justicialist Party in Tucuman, suspected that he should recover a message from @caramellocumpa: "If he wants to be a lawyer, he should play Alperovich with 10 points in Manzur".

Enrique Salvatierra and Ignacio Golobisky, first and second vice-presidents, respectively, described themselves as "nonsense". "Dislocated versions are not part of the political party or partisan, they have not seen anything, the desire of both players to face other challenges, Luis Miguel crosses the door, does not fight with leadership or anyone," they said. Leaders were very wrong with the two operations that came with provincial policy factors. Athletic said Athletic would have a net loss of $ 310,000 (400,000 gross) for Rodríguez and 800,000 (1,200,000) for Acosta.

As for Santa Fe, it is said that in the last days everything is being dissolved. Representative Jose Vignatti told the president that Rodríguez's tracking was not safe in Tucuman. Julio Comesaña, coach of Uruguay, appointed the new coach, and accepted the contract and left forward striker Javier Correa.

With Rodríguez, he shot the official video with Athletic, he chose the T-shirt that he had played in his career at the end of his career in 130 games, with 130 goals: "If they want to be in charge of the management and conditions, I'll be back for a year or more and retire here."

Deciduous fans' reactions were more than a decade thanks to the striker, and the sport did not choose a jog or a jog on their career. Several supporters stated that they understood that they went to a large group of Buenos Aires or that they had admitted foreign millions, but that Athletic did not let it go to a level. In Colón, Rodríguez, with 8 goals from the Superliga, the first two rivals, Emmanuel Gigliotti (who was taken to Toluca) and Lisandro Lopez scored 12 points.

In the long career of Athletic, Pulgara was one year old (2010/11) in Newell, he played 18 matches and had three goals, one of them very beautiful Boca Rosario. Once the loan came to an end, Atlético, his place in the world, returned to the ground, and he was worshiped and enthusiastic.

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