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Pumas played bad again and fell with Scotland – 24/11/2014


After winning the fourth victory, Marcos Kremer's girlfriend, after losing 11:30 p.m. (ESPN 2 broadcasts) by Sofía Pozzi, seeks to recover Los Pumas for the mythical Murrayfield against Scotland.

The sad campus lived deeply in the week. Kremer sent the Irishman two days before he left (knowing that he had to return to his country, he was sent by the Irish Rugby Union to seek training on the patrol, where he went to the hotel and went directly to the airport), Guido Petti, the usual second line, winged A tactical decision even if Joe Schmidt was kidnapped, coach of Ireland in New Zealand.

Petti's performance retained the team for the French second match. But today, he returned to his usual position and Rodrigo Bruni joined Matías Alemanno to play in the third row. Mathematically Matías Moroni, Matías Orlando, had another change.

Scotland rescinded Greig Laidlaw in 2 minutes. He did not even set up the game with him. Even with the execution of the first instances, the tonics would be in favor of Europeans, because they quickly pressured some Cougars to make mistakes and not find agility. To make things worse, Nicolás Sánchez, one of the first Argentinian approaches in the Scottish provinces, fell short of the club.

Huw Jones tried to make Matias Orlando try in Argentina for the slightest chance of maintaining the Scottish insect. (AP).

Huw Jones tried to make Matias Orlando try in Argentina for the slightest chance of maintaining the Scottish insect. (AP).

In Argentina, however, the territorial area was at least growing and, at least, it began to bind its opponents. But Mario Ledesma's began to see better horizons. The foul was missing, and only 28 minutes after the third shot (after Sánchez tried without Boffelli), Puma got equal with a penalty.

Although the tracking process lasted for a while. Property, attack and goodbye. Punished by the locals and 6-3 at the end of the first half of Laidlaw's foot.

He moved slowly to half the score, and after five minutes of five minutes, after finishing the first half, it was 6-6 in a game of 10 of Argentina.

15 minutes later, and after failing to make the defeat of Sánchez, Scotland rescinded the actions and left Laidlaw's hands, first to walk, and soon changed the action. The attack and the blockade came from the center, and that's why Sean Matiland was almost seized. The owner left 14 to 6, after opening albiceleste suspension.

The last discounts left the Red-Whites with the Argentinian shot, and they tried twice, but returned without giving any cherry. Scotland has made a victory without much more, and Pumas has created doubts about the future to close the barbarians.

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