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Pure Android works on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S


Android Pie on the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s

Xiaomi is a company we like, and many, partly because they work well with their device software and, to a certain extent, it is of high quality at a hardware level, with a combination of a successful company.

However, it is true, often, it worries us that the heavy MIUI seems to be our own personalization layer, even though it is the best Android layer, and that's why We want to try a ROM, pure Android at the top of the company China, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S. This has been my experience in a full range of 2018 with a personalized ROM.

Installation, crazy thing

ROM installation was not just a few years ago, and that change is not in the process, but in the previous steps, so that our phone can install a personalized ROM with "bumps" that are "in danger".

Certainly, if Bootloader is locked, our phone becomes more secure and, if we lose, nobody can use it without accessing the MIUI account, but it is not a double sword. In fact, we often have no choice, but the company unlocks them due to the horrors set in their system of betas. In fact everything started, Version beta with a stable beta version of MIUI 10 versions is much less than Android P's presence.

The Bootloader opening process has not changed for a few years now, we continue to use the Xiaomi program, which we need to have an account related to the terminal. But Xiaomi must wait a few months in order to start the process in hours or weeks. This month, of course, you can not change the MIUI account of the terminal, This account would restart again. Real chaos

Xiaomi my mix 2s with miui 10

Similar performance, experience with gestures much worse

For a week I had my Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S Android 9.0 personalized I have enjoyed the latest version of the operating system completely in different ways usually as I do in the terminal.

And I know, MIUI fully covers the Android stock experience, and although the latest version of this layer is very close to the aesthetics and lines that were launched this year, it's still not the same. . Although, as we can see, it's almost as good as that.

The performance of Android 9.0 was absolutely clear as it was a real delight. In fact, MIUI 10 is finally able to achieve a great performance for Xiaomi, though it is a very clear layer of experience. Thanks to the "boost" of the Xiaomi application and its services as a free software.

However, the experience is that Android's "Minds" are very nervous and I refer to the gestures of the word. Actually, it's a navigation system as we have seen in Android for many years. This peculiarity We can slide your home button to display multitasking. There is no more

Certainly, this is, Google has failed with some Android manufacturers, such as OnePlus or Xiaomi, whose gesture system is excellent in operation, and most importantly: it allows us to enjoy full-screen experience in any application, that is, the gesture of navigation systems.

Xiaomi my mix 2s with Android p notifications

Determine the return of the camera to the MIUI

On the other hand, the camera has been quite cold with the camera, because, of course, the personalized ROM that integrates the software adapted to sensors is not, clearly, to shine its full potential, and this is one of the main impacts we currently have.

Of course, I have optimized the Google camera for Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and the results were very good, even beyond the MIUI camera, as shown below. GCam gets a good color interpretation and the level of detail is slightly higher.

However, the experience is totally the opposite, since the camera is a simple and fast camera in the MIUI camera, and, as if not enough, all the cameras are working completely, according to a range of performance, as expected.

GCam, meanwhile, took 2 to 7 seconds to get a picture of HDR + due to the slowdown in processing, which, despite the great improvement of the photos, causes some dampening. The situations are very good. If you use Google cameras, you can forget to take 3 quick shots.

Xiaomi mi mix 2s back camera

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