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Put your devices on the Fortnite radio generator (14 days ago Fortnite Challenge)

Put your device on a creative island XIII. it's a challenge Fortnite for 14 days The Christmas event of the game is already over (even though the challenges are active a couple of days more). You can now divert a new box element into your box office if you perform this simple task.

If you do not know how to put devices on the Fortnite island creator, we will tell you how to overcome the challenge here, the easiest event … while you enter Creative mode like the game. If not, maybe it's all like Chinese …

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Put the device on a creative island, How to overcome Fortnite's 14-day challenge

Depending on the platform you play, you enter into the lobby like the main game menu (for example, PS4 or Xbox One) or the Battle Royale lobby. Once inside, enter your island, and select a mobile phone look and click on the cross.

Put your devices on a fortnite creative island

You can select different items in the menu, for example, in buildings, which will appear in your inventory. If you press Deactives, you can select the device tab (vehicles, jumpers, sales …). Press Y (Switch), the triangle (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to select the devices you want.

When you select more than 13 conveniently once and again, and then select A, press A (Switch), Circle (PS4) or B (Xbox One) to appear in your inventory.

Put your devices on a fortnite creative island

Return on the island, you must activate the constructor mode, build 13-tile tabs, and place each device in one game (changing Y by pressing), triangle (PS4) or X (Xbox One). The challenge is simple, you can overcome it in one game. When you've done it, it's enough to exit the game's pause menu, get the disk packet as a reward …

Put your device on a creature that is often retrieved on an island

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