Tuesday , January 26 2021

Queen Elizabeth II decided to stop the last project of the Duke of Sussex

First of all, The Duke of Sussex They are close to return home Frogmore House and definitely to separate your office the dukesThey had to make plans without regard to them Buckingham. According to the British newspaper's Sunday edition The Times, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry They wanted full independence from the palace directives, to create their own court and to focus on philanthropy and humanity issues. Queen Isabel II He has broken his purpose.

Additionally, as you acknowledge a real environment source The Sunday Times, they wanted their court outside the Buckingham Palace, but they did not say it. There is an institutional structure that does not support this type of independence. The good feeling is that having Sussex under Buckingham's jurisdiction is good, so they can not just leave and act alone.

It is true that the dukes wanted to create their own style with their institutional and direct engagements Prince William He wanted to intensify his activist party. However, for now they should adjust their plans BuckinghamThey will soon go Frogmore House in Windsor and they will stop sharing in the office Kensington along with the dukes.

Even if From England to Harry and Duchess of Sussex They would like to go farther in organizing the house (the word that the different family groups that make up the British royal family), the support of the sovereign and Prince of Wales to establish his office outside of Kensington.

"The queen has agreed to create a new home of the dukees of Sussex after the wedding in May of last year. The house that will be created with the help of the Queen and the Prince of Wales will be set in spring." , says Buckingham's statement on the next move. In the end, Kensington Palace He also announced it Prince Harry and the wife will hire new communication workers Sara Latham as your spokesman.

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